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Living Enviroment

Ecological Environment

With mild climate and fertile land, the city merges with the mountain and the lake

City’s core ecosphere of 120 km2 : Yu Hill, Shang Lake, Kuncheng Lake, Nan Lake, Shajiabang, etc.

Greening rate of 57.12% in city center

Per Capita Public Green Areas: 16.96m2




Living Facility

Recreational and sports facilities: over 250km fitness greenway, 732 national fitness programs(spots), and per capita area of public sports facilities of 3.9m2

7 five-star hotels

4 shopping malls

Abundant apartments for foreigners and high-end villas

Tourism and Entertainment

National 5A tourist attractions: Shajiabang,Yushan and Shang Lake Scenic Area

National 4A tourist attractions: Garment Town Shopping Tourist Area; Fangta Pagoda Historic Site Area; Jusha Park Scenic Area; Jiangxiang Rural Tourist Area

Other scenic sites: nearly 70 landscape architectures and historic sites

Cultural and Recreational Facilities: library, museum, art gallery, theater, sports center, natatorium, golf course and etc.  


Medical Treatment and Public Health

7 city-level public hospitals

3 tertiary hospitals

483 different kinds of clinics

Over 8,200 beds

Over 9500 medical personnel of different kinds


Banking & Insurance

30 banks

4 Lease Finance Company(3 of foreign capital and 1 of domestic capital)

1 Foreign Commercial Factoring Corporation


Smart City

Five databases built: Population Database, Corporate Database, Natural Resources and Spatial Geography Database, Macroeconomic Database, Credit Information Reporting Database;

Changshu Citizen Card: 1.28 million citizen cards issued with 30 different functions, and can be used in 23 province and city areas as a bus card