Brief Introduction

Historical development

1999, Changshu International Chemical Industrial Park(preparation)

2001, Jiangsu High-tech Fluorine Chemical Industrial Park(Jiangsu provincial government)

2006, China Fluorine Chemical Industrial Park(CPCIA)

2008, Jiangsu Changshu Advanced Materials Industrial Park(Changshu government)

2012, Jiangsu Provincial Eco-industrial Park(Jiangsu Enviornmental Protection Bureau)

2013, Biobay Changshu(co-built with SIP biobay) 

2020, 1/14 qualified chemical industrial parks in Jiangsu(Jiangsu provincial government)


Settled Enterprises: over 70

20 provincial level and above high-tech companies

5 provincial engineering technical centers

2 provincial enterprise academician workstations

4 provincial postgraduates workstations

1 postdoctoral workstations( consist of 6 substations)

2 talant projects from the State “thousand talents plan” program


Economic Data

GDP: 3.98 billion RMB

Idustrial invoice revenue: 17.475 RMB

General public budget revenue: 673 million RMB

Industrial output value: 17.04 billion RMB

Total financial revenue: 1.358 billion RMB