Advanced Management


Smart Park

One Digital Center, Six Smart Application Platforms

Emergency Management Center: 24hrs on duty, monitoring and alarm receipt

Realize the digitalization and smart monitoring and warning; connect uplevel departments to deal with the emergencies.



Closed Management

7 access surveillances, started trail operation in Feb,2019

Identify all kinds of vehicles and plates, be equipped with imaging system

Controlled objects: all kinds of transport vehicles, including chemical trucks, shop trucks, construction trucks, large cargo vehicles, etc.

Controlled means: issue the gate passes to enter and exit.



Fire Emergency Response Center (special mission fire station)

Totally invested 70 million RMB and covers over 20 mu

Equipped with the training tower, chemical training building, complex building, parking lot, etc.

10 fire fighting trucks, 45 members on duty.

Built to the standard of special mission fire station with the function of accident emergency response and special mission fire station.




Ecological Wetland

Covers 80 mu, started Sep, 2014, with the daily treatment capacity of 4000 tons

The first eco-wetland project to upgrade the recycle tail water from WWTP in chemical industrial park cooperated by Chines and German technology in Jiangsu Province.

Intensively purify the industrial wastewater to create harmonious coexistence between human and nature, has great significance in the realization of park sustainable development.

Ecological wetland exhibition hall: National Environmental Protection popular science base(2017)