Characteristic Carriers


Biobay (Changshu)

Location: Beside  the road junction of  Shengyu Rd and Haifeng Rd, inside AMIP

Founded Time: 2013

Area: planned area is 1, among which 2 standard workshop buildings have been completed, totally 15,000 sq. m.

Settled Companies: Apptec, Suzhou No.4 Pharmaceutical, Enzyme, Innoenzyme, Nanomicro, Hongde, Liyuan medicine, Qizhou tech, Shenming medical, Zhongnuo medical, Yingruicheng tech, Meilai medical, etc.

Industrial Orientation: focus on attracting the international advanced industrilazation projects in such fields as new medicine, biology and healthcare.  




AMIP No. 1 Industrial Park

Location: Fushan, Haiyu Town, next to AMIP and 346 highway.

Area: 109.8 mu, (65 mu for phase one)

Plan: renovate and build 116,400 sq.m. of high standard workshop with the capacity area of 146,200 sq.m., can provide customized workshops.

Plot ratio:2.0

Industrial Orientation: medical devices, advanced materials, machinery and light industry, equipment manufacturing, et