Basic Infrastructures



Provided by East China Power System

Voltage classes: 380V, 10KV, 35KV, 110KV

Substations: one 220KV (public) , two 110KV(public), six 110KV (dedicated)


Daily capacity in Changshu:875,000 tons

Source: Yangtze River and Shanghu Lake

Supplier: Sino French Water Co., Ltd.

Excellent quality and reliable supply

Take over pressure: about 0.3MPa.


Supplier: Changshu Jinling Haiyu Thermal Power Plant(combined heat and power)

Capacity: 350t/hr (three 180t coal burning boilers, (two in operation and one standby), one 75t gas boiler)

Pressure classes: 1.0 MPa---2.5 MPa

Temperature: 200-300

Nature gas

Source: West-east natural gas transmission and Sichuan to east gas transmission

Take over pressure: about 0.35MPa

Average heat value: about 8900 kcal/m3

Wastewater treatment:

Operation company: Jiangsu Sino French Water Co., Ltd

Planned area: 140mu (110mu has been used)

Daily capacity: planned 30,000 tons. Currently 20,000 tons

Take over standard: companies pretreat the wastewater to the standard of the wastewater treatment plant.

Land levelling

Levelled and deliver to use.


Five longitudinal and five horizontal road frame

8 minutes from Parks main entrance to G4221 Changshu North gate crossing

Special Mission Fire Station

Equipped with fire emergency response center and professional fire control team for chemical industry which come to companies to have joint fire drills every month